Google AdWords and Your Website

September 21st, 2015 by Charlotte Catsadimas

BLOG-adwords-and-your-websiteYour website can make or break the success of your Google AdWords advertising. In order to get the most out of campaigns, your landing page should be optimized for AdWords and be focused on potential customers and their goals.

Google wants customers to receive a good experience when they click on your ads. Make Google happy by optimizing your landing page and it can lead to more conversions and better quality scores. Have a poor quality website, and it will almost certainly result in failure.

Here are some tips to optimize your landing page and increase your AdWords results:


  • Provide useful, unique and relevant content


      • Your landing page should be relevant to your keywords and ad text.
      • Be clear and convincing about your unique selling points. Why should a customer choose you over a competitor?
      • Deliver original, useful content.


  • Be trustworthy and transparent


      • Clearly state who you are, what you do and how/where to contact you.
      • If you ask for personal information, be clear about why you need it and what you are going to do with it.


  • Make your page easy to navigate


    • Information should be readily available to customers, without them having to search further.
    • Don’t interfere with customers navigating to your site. No pop-ups!
    • Show customers they have landed in the correct place and what they should do next (your Call-to-Action).

Also keep in mind the functionality of your checkout process. If people have a hard time purchasing items on your website, they will get frustrated and simply leave. The purchase process should be as simple and quick as possible.

Finally, optimize your landing page for mobile devices. Mobile is not going away. The number of people shopping on their phones is only going to increase. Nobody likes shopping on a hard to read, difficult to navigate page. Don’t give people an excuse to go somewhere else! Keep it simple, create a call-to-action, add local info and have a user-friendly checkout process. You can also learn some interesting and potentially valuable mobile facts that JumpFly picked up at Google Mobile Guru Day.

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