Google AdWords Dynamic Remarketing

July 29th, 2014 by Krystal Urlaub

Dynamic RemarketingDo you love your current Google AdWords remarketing campaign, but are looking for a new way to grab consumers’ attention? Now with dynamic remarketing ads and proper PPC management you can deliver tailored ads to each consumer who has visited your site. Ads can show a variety of different products that are in your merchant feed based on the actions consumers took when visiting your site.

So how will Google decide which of your products to show? The type of products your ad shows will be based on one of four remarketing lists. You can pick and choose which of these lists you would like to advertise to:

  • General visitors to your site will be shown the most popular products on your site.
  • People who viewed specific products will be shown the products that they viewed in addition to recommended products.
  • People who abandoned the shopping cart will be shown the items they added to cart. They will also be shown recommended products and other items they viewed.
  • Purchasers will be shown your most popular products and items that generally get purchased together.

You can read more about how Google determines what products to show in your dynamic ads here.

There are a wide variety of ad layouts that you can choose from or just enter your logo and let Google choose your layouts. Below is an example of a Dynamic Display ad:

Google Dynamic Shopping Ad

There a few things you’ll need to do before you can create your campaign (while they can be time-consuming to setup, the good thing is you shouldn’t have to go through these steps again). You’ll first need to create a Google Merchant feed following a specific format and including things like price, title, description, image URLs and some other attributes. Next you will add a dynamic remarketing tag to each page of the website, which ties the webpage back to specific page type, category or product in your feed. Once those steps are completed, you’ll create your campaign and ads.

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