Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Coming Soon

February 7th, 2013 by Nikki Kuhlman


You may have heard something on the news or online yesterday about the big changes coming to Google AdWords and how they might impact your PPC Management.  Google  is revamping (in their words “upgrading”) the way they handle AdWords  Campaigns, and are calling the changes Enhanced Campaigns.

Google’s reasoning for this switch is that people have become multi-device users – moving from mobile to laptop to PC to tablets and back again – and Google is touting the change as “marketing for a constantly connected world.” These new Enhanced Campaigns are intended to allow easier tracking of conversions across devices and conversion types, to deliver targeted ads based on context (including device, time of day and proximity to location) and to simplify campaign and budget management.  This concept certainly sounds intriguing.

The details are still rather limited on how  these changes will affect existing Google AdWords campaigns.  We do know that advertisers will not be able to target mobile and tablet device users with separate campaigns, which will affect some of our clients dramatically. We also know that the changes will be complex (for all that Google says they will help simplify campaign management). I know that I will not be rushing into adopting new Enhanced Campaigns until we have a lot more information about it (especially since the Upgrading to Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns document is 32 pages long – somehow that doesn’t sound simple).

Enhanced campaigns will start showing up as an option starting this month and all accounts will have to switch by June of this year.

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