Google News Recap – New G1 Phone, Chrome Browser, Stock Madness and More

October 3rd, 2008 by Brad Garlin

Google News:

New G1 Phone/ Android Operating System News
Early last week, the first cell phone with Google’s Android software was released, called the G1. The new G1 Google phone will be available in stores October 22nd. It comes pre-packed with various Google services, encouraging use of the Internet on phones. Learn More.Google News

Chrome Browser News
So far, Google’s new Chrome Web Browser is slow to be embraced. Various sources indicate that Chrome’s market share is about 1% and not increasing. However, it is just 1 month old. Here at JumpFly, analytics data informs me that 3% of our users access our website via Chrome.

Crazy GOOG Stock Price Swing
Apparently, a huge quantity of erroneous trades sent to the Nasdaq Stock Market, caused Google’s share price to swing wildly Tuesday afternoon, soaring as high as $485 per share and falling as low as $25! The errors were corrected the next day, but for those involved, this must have seemed like total insanity at the time.

Google AdWords News:

New Quality Score Improvements
Per Google, new Quality Score improvements are getting rolled out this week. The three main improvements are:

1. Quality Score calculations will be more accurate
2. Keywords are no longer marked ‘inactive for search’
3. ‘First page bid estimates’ replace ‘minimum bids’ 

View Nikki’s recent article about Google’s quality score update to learn more.

Google Site Statistics Logo News
Attention everyone using Google AdWords conversion tracking – As of this week, conversion tracking users are no longer required to display the “Google Site Stats” logo on the conversion pages of their web sites. Learn more.

Google AdWords Launched Smart Positioning Beta
The goal of Google AdWords Smart Positioning is to place an ad in the most cost-effective position each time it is displayed on Google and the search network, with the end goal of achieving more clicks for the same total cost.

And to cap it off, Google just announced an ambitious $4 trillion plan to “transform our economy from one running on fossil fuels to one largely based on clean energy”. Well if anyone can pull it off, it’s these guys. So what’s next? Maybe Google for President? The way things are going right now, they just might get my vote!

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