PPC Advertising – Phishing Email Scam Alert

June 4th, 2008 by Nikki Kuhlman

One of the benefits of hiring a professional PPC Management company to take care of your PPC campaigns is to prevent you from getting taken in by the phishing emails that have been making the rounds. Our clients know to forward us any emails they get from Yahoo, Google and MSN instead of dealing with them on their own. There’s been a rash of emails coming in that look like they are legitimate with official looking logos and language. The emails promise dire consequences if you don’t click a link within the email itself, like your Google account will be canceled or your Yahoo account will go offline.

PPC AdvertisingGood account managers can tell if it’s a legitimate email or not so you don’t have to. We can tell from within your account if there is an issue and if there is, we can take care of it for you. If there’s not and it is a phishing email, we can forward it on to our dedicated reps at the search engines for proper investigation.

Most of the time, if you click the link, you’ll end up on a dead web page, but if you were to get through, most likely they’d ask for a credit card number and account information, basically all the information a thief would need to go on a shopping spree or steal your identity. Google, Yahoo and MSN (and for that matter, any bank, financial institution etc) should never ask you for personal or business information on an email, or ask you to click a link within the email itself. The safest way to prevent phishing is to login to your account directly through a bookmark or by typing the URL into a address bar, not by clicking a link in an email.

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