Google AdWords Shared Remarketing Lists

March 14th, 2016 by Michael Marchese

BLOG-SharedRemarketingListsThe all mighty remarketing list has had a tremendous impact on conversions and revenue over the years, but what if that list could be expanded to two times, five times or even ten times its size? One solution has always been to have your remarketing code placed on a competitors website, but that always leads to the discussion about the security of placing someone else’s code on a website and usually ends with “it’s just not worth the risk.” But what if you were able to share your list with others and no foreign coding was required? This is achievable with a little help from Google AdWords on the back-end of individual accounts, and just recently made possible without the help of Google on an MCC  (My Client Center) account.

If you have an MCC account and have the consent of all parties involved in the sharing of remarketing lists you can complete the set-up in just a few minutes using the below steps:

– Go to the admin tab of your main accounts page and check the accounts you want to share remarketing lists.
– Use the edit drop down menu > remarketing account and “change to this manager.”
– Go into each individual account > Account Settings > Account Access and flip the “on” switch for the remarketing list sharing which should now appear under the users with account access section.
– Go back to the main account page and select the audience tab and use the red drop-down menu to select “add list created by client.” Any client accounts you selected to share the lists in the prior steps should appear for you to click on and see all their available lists.
– Select the lists you want to share and hit save. Now those lists can be shared with all clients you enabled to share. The list may take a few hours to become available in the new client account so be patient.

How to monetize the list? Clients can choose to “rent” their lists to other clients or possibly just swap lists with businesses with similar types of audiences for greater exposure. Remember, you must have approval for sharing lists and make sure your website has any necessary legal disclosures regarding the use of personal information. Share responsibly!

Use Keywords in Your Google AdWords and Bing Ads Shopping Campaigns

February 22nd, 2016 by Jack ODonnell

BLOG-Use-Keywords-In-Shopping-CampaignsCurrently, we cannot use specific keywords as targeting mechanisms in Shopping campaigns (other than those keywords you use in your Titles and Descriptions), but that doesn’t mean you still can’t harness the power of keywords to improve the performance of your Shopping campaigns.

The power of negative keywords, that is.

Use the Search terms report available to you in the Google AdWords interface to run a report which will show you which search terms were actually used by an end user to trigger your Shopping Ads to show in the search results. The Search terms report for Google AdWords is found under Keywords>>Search Terms when you are within a Shopping campaign. Once you pick the desired time-frame you want to view, you can simply put a check-mark into the selection boxes of those keywords you want to add as negative keywords, then add them as either Campaign negatives or Ad Group negatives. By culling through these keywords, you will be able to exclude those keywords that don’t convert , or exclude those keywords that are simply not a good fit for the products your client is trying to sell, and thus avoid wasting your PPC spend on non-productive traffic.

For Bing, you will need to navigate to the Dimensions tab and look under the Search Term column to see the actual search terms being used that trigger for Bing Shopping ads to show in the search results. You can export this data, filter through the data to find the appropriate negative keywords, and then copy and paste the desired negative keywords into the appropriate Bing Shopping campaign.

So don’t forget to use the negative power of keywords in your Google Shopping and Bing Shopping campaigns.

PPC and Consumer Expectations in 2016

February 8th, 2016 by Kelly Levine

BLOG-PPC-and-Customer-Expectations-in-2016If there is one thing we know about technology, it is that it is always evolving, getting better, faster, smarter.  The same can be said for pay-per-click advertising.  As consumers’ expectations are getting higher and more specific, marketers face a very real need to meet or exceed them.

According to Forrester Research Digital Marketing Forecasts, search marketing will take 45.4% of digital marketing spend in 2016.  Consumers know what they are looking for, and are searching for it at rapid speed, in the palm of their hand. They’re on the go and want real-time, personalized information.

As marketing professionals, it is our job to give consumers what they want. By tailoring pay-per-click campaigns to interact in a more conversational, personalized nature, we have the potential to increase sales by 14%, as reported by Econsultancy and Adobe’s Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing in 2015.

How do you create a more personalized pay-per-click ad campaign? Well, it goes way beyond keywords these days. Marketers can now target a specific audience and create unique ads in varying formats to reach consumers at their fingertips, whether they are at their desk browsing custom furniture, looking for pizza delivery restaurants on their tablet, or using their mobile phone to hail a cab. Having a mobile-responsive website is absolutely imperative in today’s marketing world. Websites that offer online booking, ordering and customization will most certainly take the lead in online sales.

Online marketing, especially pay-per-click advertising, is a venue in which we can deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right time, and it is so important that we are meeting the expectations of our consumers.

Do you need help developing a more personalized experience for your target audience? JumpFly specializes in pay-per-click marketing, and is always standing by to take your marketing campaigns to the next level!